Promise of Leadership

Promise of Leadership

The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, in partnership with the African Leadership Initiative (ALI), convened a three-day summit in March 2009 that brought together the network of ALI fellows and other young emerging leadership groups from around the continent.

They debated and promoted new thinking around the challenge of leadership in our times. The summit combined keynote speakers, moderated panel discussion and working group sessions.

The launch of this dialogue hopes to build enthusiasm for leaders who lead in the interests of all people, who are accountable and inclusive. This passion for leadership came at a time when nations were reeling from the global financial crisis and where, in many parts of the world, including our own continent of Africa, citizens grapple with the consequences of poor leadership.

Ordinary people feel the cost of leadership failures in their daily lives: in poverty, disease, and a breakdown in education. Bringing together inspiring, courageous and moral voices and nurturing future leaders is not a choice – it is a moral responsibility.

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