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I am a writer for WriterBay and I would others out there to know what goes on behind the scenes here . So over this last month, which has been the dry season, I have spent a lot of time trying to get files and getting them done. But here is the best part. WriterBay has this amazing support team that you out there do not know exists. Without this team, I could not produce the high quality papers I do, even though I am good at it, because I need their input, consideration in helping me with time, finding me jobs when the pot is slim, and well they make me laugh. They work with me through the night and when I am ready to pull my hair out with something that is driving me crazy, well they are there for me. They have to be the link between the writer who is trying to give you, the client, exactly what you want, while trying to figure out from the client what they want. They are mini therapists. So when you are talking to them know that they care and they are good at their jobs. Give them a thumbs up will you please. I myself am sending them hugs.

Online writing jobs

It’s all about fair play. There is no catch. It’s easy as it is: offers freelance writing jobs. All you have to do to start making money is to apply your expertise from the comfort of your home. Our user-friendly control panel makes job hunting easy and saves you a lot of time.

Our business model is different from that of other companies. Our competitors usually take 75% of what the customer pays for the job. We, on the other hand, pursue a pricing policy that is writer-friendly rather than supplier-oriented. We charge less since we don’t consider ourselves to be a direct supplier of the freelance writing jobs. We are merely an intermediary between you and the client (the customer who provided the job, e.g. essay sample) is one of the best freelance writing companies on the web. As you’ve chosen writing out of hundreds of jobs, we are looking forward to helping you put your writing skills to work. Become a part of our big family and get paid as much as you want.

I have been associated with Writerbay since 2015, had many wonderful moments with the company as we writers get a lot of freedom here. It suits my working style as I can evaluate the orders before I can accept the orders, apply for orders that I really like working on, refuse orders that I am not able to work on and talk to the people at the company if I have any issues so that they are amicably resolved. I never had issues with payments even once in all these years. Considering all these, for me, this was the best possible site.

‘I’ve been working with Writerbay since 2012 and has never been so grateful for them for believing in my capabilitues. I’ve learned a lot from them and my writing skills have improved so much. The people I worked with know their stuff and were very professional in dealing with issues. The best thing about Writerbay is that you learn while you earn. I love Writerbay and will continue to work with them for as long as I live.

Hi, Having worked for over 5 years with WriterBay, I specifically like their robust writer portal, timely promotions, thoughtful bonuses, prompt payment schedule and awesome 24 x 7 customer service. They are very strict in evaluation of papers before they are delivered to client, but this is a blessing in disguise for writers to go through an excellent learning curve and master their knowledge of citations and referencing styles. In case of any issues, they are considerate in mediating between the writer and the client. I am fully satisfied with the association and it is a great place for writers.

I have been writing for Writerbay since May 2011. At first I thought it was not a legit site but after receiving my first pay, I knew it was not a scam. Since I left my job, Writerbay became my sole source of income. Aside from a good source of livelihood for me, it has also been a learning experience. Since I started writing in Writerbay, I learned a lot about different subject matters, from criminal justice to management to economics. Writing for the company is a good exercise for my mind especially since I do not have a permanent job.
I plan to work with Writerbay as long as I am able to think and use the computer.

I have been with writerbay for 5 years now. Although I have ny own share of lapses, I am believe that I develop more as a technical writer because of my tenure with writerbay. Before I was only doing it as a part time job, but I realized that the site offered me more fulfillment compared to my day job. I am now doing this full time.
I know that I will learn more and I continue to look forward to establish a good working relationship with writerbay

With writerbay, I can do whatever i want in my life. This is my second job, and firstly I took a few orders per month. But then I realized I can do more and earn more! I am traveling a lot, because I can work from any country and I have money to do this. Guys, be realistic, Writerbay gives this opportunity!

I used to write for Writerbay when I was a student since you can take orders with the deadlines that suitable for you, so to combine your studies and some writing. I have not been active for some time as I do have some other stuff to worry about, but I might consider returning back. A friend of mine is still working there as a freelancer (I referred her) and her overall impression is good. Which is nice, is that I actually earn on my friend’s orders and have some passive income due to the referral program Writerbay provides.

Writerbay is undoubtedly the best company for freelancers. They have a tough hiring team so getting an account there is extremely hard. However, once you get an account at Writerbay, you will be the happiest person.. Good support, Reliable workflow..

I like that you can work on writerbay at your own pace. Even though, there are some misunderstandings from time to time, managers look into each case and clarify all the matters. In terms of pay, I have been highly satisfied. If you specialize in a specific area, you are likely to be valued. Good luck!

Online Writing Jobs

Types of Writing Jobs Offered


Types of Writing Jobs Offered


This type of writing gig is quite profitable. For example, a B2B company may hire a copywriter to produce copy for a series of landing pages. Instead of getting paid per word, the copywriter may receive a commission based on the number of conversions that the landing page generates.

They’re one of the more established providers of writing training in the industry today. They also teach content marketing and direct response. One of their courses even specializes in teaching writers how to work at home and earn a living.

AWAI offers a “ten thousand” challenge that allows you to build your portfolio (and earn some decent cash) before you finish the program. I’ve taken some AWAI copywriting courses, and their materials are first-rate.

Types of Writing Jobs Offered



Finally, reputable companies all have dedicated pages on LinkedIn. These pages feature high-quality vacancies and will appear in your feed provided you’ve set your interests accordingly. These vacancies cover a range of disciplines from copywriting to content marketing.

Writing jobs websites and their fees

Salaries and Rates for Writers

1. Glassdoor

2. PayScale

3. Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

4. The Irish Times

If a writer sells a thousand copies of a book for $9.99 in year one, they can earn up to $7,000 for one book. If a writer self-publishes multiple versions of their book (Kindle, print, large print, audio, etc.), this is achievable.

5. The Society of Authors

The report states, “This figure is just 55% of average earnings in the U.K., coming in below the minimum wage for a full-time job at £18,000 and well below the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s minimum income standard of £17,100.”


How to Get Weekends Off at Work: 17 Excellent Tips

The way to handle this is by informing each of your colleagues that you will be taking the day off. Moving any scheduled meetings that you are leading. Or informing those meetings that you will not be in attendance but will have someone fill in for you instead.

sick boy oxygen hospital bed

Ways To Get Out Of A Work Rut

One thing that makes summer so refreshing is the break it provides from our routine. That’s true whether you took vacation yourself; spent more time outdoors on the weekends; or availed yourself of summer Fridays or a slightly less demanding work pace with fewer meetings and deadlines.

Research shows that change — whatever it is — improves our mood and productivity. The classic experiment, done between 1924 and 1932, involved factory workers in the Midwest. Among other things, when management installed slightly brighter light bulbs, or changed the length of assembly-line breaks during the work day, they noticed that productivity picked up.

Psychologists disagree about how to explain the "Hawthorne effect," as it’s called (a reference to the Hawthorne Works factory complex in Cicero, IL where this study of industrial behavior took place). One hypothesis is that workers sparked to the idea that management cared about them.

It’s a rare company that sends that message today. Employers want more productivity from fewer people and expect constant connectivity. (See my colleague Jeff Bercovici’s post, "Are You The Perfect Always-On Employee? No Problem. Here’s How To Fake It." and my post, "How To Keep Your Job Without Working Yourself To Death.") But you can reduce the drudgery by changing routines yourself–even slightly. Here are 12 ways to do that.

1. Set a bedtime and wake-up time. To feel your best the next day, sleep experts recommend going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. Though many people have an alarm set to wake up at a specific hour, they tend to be more flexible about when they go to sleep. By sticking to a schedule for both (including on weekends), you’ll be significantly more alert than if you slept for the same total amount of time at varying hours during the week. (For more about improving your sleep patterns, see my post, "12 Ways To Beat Insomnia And Sleep Better–No Matter What’s Keeping You Awake.")

Why You Should Stop Working on the Weekends – for Your Health?

A recent survey by Enterprise Rent-A-Car of 1,000 Americans ages 25 and older found that 67% of respondents worked on a typical weekend, primarily by reading and answering work-related emails. As per the same report, working on weekends has become very common for US people. Around 63% of employees said their employers expect them to work on weekends, and 61% said they have a difficult time not thinking about work over the weekend.

Many employees think that Working on weekends or working long hours would yield them better results but its just a myth. It does not do any good to your professional life and also can hinder their health in many ways. Some of the common problems which employees experience if worked for long hours are,

If you don’t have a start and an end to a week, then it’s just one long continuous work week, which can be problematic,” says Jonathan Alpert, a psychotherapist and performance coach in New York City and author of the book “Be Fearless: Change Your Life In 28 Days”.

Working excessive weekend hours can also damage your mental health“, says Mayra Mendez, a licensed psychotherapist and program coordinator for intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health services at Providence Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center in Santa Monica, California.

Working is a very important part of life for a living, but we should not make the mistake of making your work as your life. Now if you are one of them who spends most of their time working even on weekends, here are few strategies and tips professionals recommend to help you avoid such a habit of working on weekends and enjoy your days off and de-stress:

Plan a Mini Retreat

It can be easy to lose sight of the inspiration that once motivated you if you’re mired in busywork and the daily ins and outs of your job. Without a sense of purpose, you’re more likely to feel down and shuffle aimlessly through your workday.

When this happens, try planning a mini retreat for yourself. Take a day or two to refocus. You don’t have to travel anywhere; simply dedicate intentional time to exploring your purpose. You can do this by asking yourself big questions like “What would I be doing if money wasn’t a problem?” or “When do I feel most alive?”

Whether you recognize your intention to move up the ranks within your current company or start your own business one day, define your “why” and commit to making it a priority. Don’t let a little bump in the road derail your ambition.

What If I Need to Take Off in Advance

If you need to get out of work in the future and know the date. Then you can either use a last-minute excuse the day you need to use it. Or decide that it’s better to take a vacation day or unpaid workday.

Most employers will be okay with a last-minute vacation day. And if you don’t receive vacation days, they’ll be okay with last-minute needs you have to address. It’s okay to take an escape from your job. And refresh yourself.

Employers have changed their policies dramatically about this. Flexibility is one of the top benefits that Generation-Z and Millennials appreciate in the workforce. This has caused a shift in the workplace. Making it more common for employees to be seeking time off and last minute flexibility.

good excuses to miss work

4 excuses when you have scheduling conflicts/emergency

“I noticed you scheduled me to work the overnight shift on Tuesday, but remember I’m scheduled for 11 am the next day. I wouldn’t have enough time to rest and get here since I live outside of the city.”

This is a fool-proof excuse since a sleepy employee is useless to an employer and he/she will try to accommodate a schedule change as best as possible. Don’t attempt this unless there’s a problem since he/she will actually check.

If you have children, and your spouse works the night shift, you can use this as an excuse to never work the night shift again. Surely you aren’t expected to leave your kids at home!

If you lie about this, your employer is unlikely to trust you again and will not believe any excuses you have in the future. You may also put yourself in a position to be terminated.

woman wears yellow hard hat holding vehicle part woking

Photo by Chevanon Photography under pexels license

This works best when you have proof of employment from your other job, and your employer can afford to fill the spot without having to shorten your work hours. Here’s what you can say:

When you have a child custody agreement, you can be in serious trouble if you do not fulfil your responsibilities. In most instances, you will be able to work some night shifts, but not others.

It’s good to use with a boss who is understanding and won’t see this as an inconvenience. After all, you can’t bring your child to an overnight job and you definitely can’t leave him/her home alone.

“Hi Kelsey, we just finalized the custody battle and I have my daughter on weekends and every other holiday. Is there a way we could adjust my schedule for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights?”


Nelson Mandela Essay: What to Write?

A lot of schools and universities will give you essays and research papers to write. One of the most popular topics would be Nelson Mandela.

We’ll give you a couple of ideas on what to write about the philanthropist.

Continue reading below to find out more about what his life was all about. See how he spearheaded the efforts to dismantle South Africa’s apartheid system.

Who Is Nelson Mandela?

Rolihlahla Mandela or more known as Nelson Mandela is a popular South African figure. Many recognize Mandela as the man who stood up for what he believed in life. He was a social rights activist, philanthropist, and politician.

Mandela was involved in the anti-apartheid movement. By 1942, he also joined the African National Congress. He organized a peaceful and non-violent campaign against the racist policies of the government. This propelled Mandela to be the inspiration for worldwide civil rights activists.

  • Personal Life, Wife, and Children

Born on July 18, 1918, in Mvezo, Mbashe River in Transkei, South Africa, Mandela lived in a small village. His name ” Rolihlahla ” means pulling branch of a tree or a troublemaker in the Xhosa language.

He was the first in his family to go to school. It was through school that his teacher changed his name into Nelson. This was because of the British Educational System bias in the country.

Mandela had gone through three marriages. He had six children, four from Evelyn Ntoko mase in 1944, two from Winnie Madikizela in 1958. He then remained with Graca Machel from 1958 until his death which was in 2013.

  • Political Awakening

When Mandela reached the age of 16, he had his introduction to rituals and rules. He needed to undergo traditional African circumcision.

It was important for African men to undergo this ritual. Or else they will not be able to inherit their father’s wealth, marry, or even officiate tribal rituals.

Mandela heard the main speaker Chief Meligqili. The chief lamented that young men were only enslaved in their own land. He added that the reason for this was because of the white men. The chief further pointed out that they were never given the power to take the helm of their own country.

There was more discussion about young men struggling in making a living. They would only be at the mercy of serving white men.

At first, Mandela didn’t think anything of it. But in the later years, he would use it as a driving force to push for independence in South Africa.

  • His Years in Prison

Mandela was always dedicated to peaceful protests. But he began thinking about how armed struggle might be the only way to see the changes they longed. This paved the way for the foundation of  Umkhonto We Sizwe or MK.

The MK was an armed offshoot targeting the ANC. They worked to sabotage and use guerilla war tactics to be able to stop the apartheid.

His arrest stemmed from organizing a three-day national worker’s strike in 1961. In the following year, Mandela found himself stuck in prison for 5 years. Then in 1963, Mandela faced trial once more. This time with ten other ANC leaders; they received life imprisonment sentences.

For what grounds? This time, it was for a criminal offense with sabotage.

Mandela was in prison from 1962 to 1990, a total of 27 years. His incarceration was at Robben Island for 18 years. He received the lowest treatment in prison for being black.

He was able to earn a degree in bachelor of law. This was with help from a University of London correspondence program.

He and the other ANC leaders were then moved to Pollsmoor prison. An offer of release surfaced. This was on the condition that they renounce their armed struggle. This was something that they rejected on the spot.

Mandela experienced release from prison. He wasted no time and urged foreign powers to lower down their pressure. This meant the ease on the South African government of constitutional reform.

He was still committed to a peaceful struggle but reiterated that the ANC will not stop. Not until the black majority gets the right to vote.

  • The Nobel Peace Prize

Mandela received the Nobel peace prize with president F. W. de Klerk. This was for their efforts in thwarting the apartheid.

Right after his release from prison, Mandela worked with president de Klerk. They worked towards holding the first multiracial elections in the country.

Negotiations were often strained, and violence burst everywhere. This also led to the assassination of ANC leader Chris Hani. Mandela had to work hard to keep the balance from all sides.

  • Journey through Presidency

It was from 1994 to 1999 that Mandela became president of South Africa. He transitioned the country to accept a black majority rule. He used sports to bring black South Africans and whites together. He then encouraged them to support the national rugby team.

Mandela was a key person in protecting South Africa’s economy. He used the restriction and development plan to create a job, and to bring housing and health care.

He signed a constitution guaranteeing the rights and freedom of expression of minorities.

  • His Death

By the year 2013, Mandela, at 95, had passed away. He suffered a lung infection and underwent surgery in 2012. He frequented the hospital many times after for treatment.

His wife and daughter remained by his side after his June 2013 hospitalization. Jacob Zuma, who was the current president, released the statement honoring Mandela’s legacy.

  • Movies, Books, and His Legacy

Throughout his life, Mandela published many books. There’s his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. There’s also No Easy Walk to Freedom; Nelson Mandela: The Struggle Is My Life. And you also have the Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales.

The movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2012) took inspiration from his autobiography. July 18 was also declared as Mandela Day to promote global peace. This day also celebrates Nelson Mandela’s lasting legacy.

Getting Professional Help to Check Your Essay

There is more to write about Nelson Mandela, especially when you want to make a good piece about him. If you want professional help, just google “someone to write my essay,” and you will find various paper writing services to help you check your work.

With these services, you can now be confident that you’ve submitted the best essay in class. See what these services offer and improve your output.

Research and Know Your Facts to Produce the Best Essay

There’s nothing better than submitting a good paper about the topic assigned to you. Nelson Mandela, as a topic, is a good start as you can find plenty of resources offline and online.

Always listen to the instructions, and make a good structure for your essay. Well-planned writing with good points and arguments will earn you a high grade.

dramatic resources

dramatic resources

Dramatic resources
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“ The course highlights clearly and simply how to think, feel and act with impact when communicating. It is refreshing that the work follows the principle of ‘less is more’ – so lots of time to practice, reflect, try again. ”

Dramatic resources

Here you’ll find the most comprehensive resource of drama games for kids and teaching drama tips.


shakespeare’s school

shakespeare’s school

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Shakespeare's school
From September 2020, our workshops, storytelling sessions, CPD and projects for schools will have the option to be delivered online. This exciting new method of delivery will enable anyone who is teaching in socially-distanced classrooms, or who is distance learning, to connect with our education work from anywhere in the world.
Online teaching resources, courses & workshops for all ages

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watch teachers online

watch teachers online

Teachers is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2016. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.3.
In this comedy series, a group of six elementary school teachers deal with the ups and downs that come with the territory in the chosen career field. The series is based on a web series, and its first 10-episode TV season aired on the TV Land cable network in 2016. A 20-episode second season premiered on the network in 2017.

Watch teachers online
What are their teachers most concerned about? How will they deal with the challenge of teaching students remotely? Will the digital divide continue to impact students living in poor neighborhoods?
3News reporter Tiffany Tarpley talked with three Cleveland teachers from three different grade levels – elementary, middle and high school.

Watch teachers online
From September 2020, our workshops, storytelling sessions, CPD and projects for schools will have the option to be delivered online. This exciting new method of delivery will enable anyone who is teaching in socially-distanced classrooms, or who is distance learning, to connect with our education work from anywhere in the world.
Online teaching resources, courses & workshops for all ages

Expires Sept. 30, 2020
With Classcraft, educators can empower students to reach their full potential, connect with parents, and support the students who need it most. Discover how we can help you manage behavior more effectively this year.


what is education studies

what is education studies

The Wilmington University’s Bachelor of Science in Education Studies gives you the knowledge and skills to work effectively with children and youth in positions that do not require state licensure/certification, an early opportunity to enter a teacher licensure/certification program at a later date, or a strong foundation for students interested in areas such as learning theory, educational psychology, child development, and education best practices in preparation for a variety of other occupations and career paths.
The WilmU B.S. in Education Studies degree program offers four areas of concentration including:


bofa 11 plus

bofa 11 plus

The KS2 Material follows the new Key Stage 2 National Curriculum and is benchmarked at the old Levels 3 – 6.
BOFA 11+ is suitable for children in Year 5 who are preparing for entrance exams and children in Year 6 who are preparing for pre-tests and pre-assessments.

Bofa 11 plus
Fintel helps you easily find important exhibits to SEC filings
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The index data referenced herein is the property of ICE Data Indices, LLC, its affiliates, (“ICE”) and/or its Third Party Suppliers and has been licensed for use by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. ICE, its affiliates and Third Party Suppliers accept no liability in connection with its use.
Units: Percent , Not Seasonally Adjusted

BOFA also offers Key Stage 2 Mathematics and English and has International distributors promoting translated versions. Children love using BOFA 11+ and BOFA KS2 to improve their understanding of curriculum content.
The most recent additions to the BOFA portfolio are mock exams for both the ISEB Common Pre-Test and London 11+ Consortium tests. These 2 products are designed specifically to help children prepare for the format and style of these tests.


home workshops

home workshops

Home workshops
Learn all the ins & outs of building your own Trinity House…
In our Heaven in Your Home Workshop, we show you how your family can dwell with the Holy Trinity, bringing heaven to your home in a very real way. Our practical method for making your home into a little taste of heaven will show you just how possible it is – with a little focus and a lot of grace – to enjoy a peaceful, joyful life with God and your loved ones. Please join us for an upcoming workshop – or watch the livestream – and get inspired to make your home a little taste of heaven!

Home workshops
From September 2020, our workshops, storytelling sessions, CPD and projects for schools will have the option to be delivered online. This exciting new method of delivery will enable anyone who is teaching in socially-distanced classrooms, or who is distance learning, to connect with our education work from anywhere in the world.
Download free resources and browse opportunities and events for schools and students, including our new online programme of workshops and courses.


shakespeare education

shakespeare education

Shakespeare education
Download free resources and browse opportunities and events for schools and students, including our new online programme of workshops and courses.
From September 2020, our workshops, storytelling sessions, CPD and projects for schools will have the option to be delivered online. This exciting new method of delivery will enable anyone who is teaching in socially-distanced classrooms, or who is distance learning, to connect with our education work from anywhere in the world.

Shakespeare education
The Shakespeare in Education Research Group (ShINE) seeks to consider the innovative ways educators encourage students to learn from Shakespeare and his language, and to interrogate how Shakespeare remains a resource for language learning across Scandinavia and Europe. William Shakespeare’s works represent an unequalled teaching resource for English language and culture, and his influence on world literatures, theatre, and film studies is unparalleled. Across languages and forms of media, students gain cultural understanding through references, images, and quotations from Shakespeare, and this generates a valuable touchstone for teaching literature and theatre, and from there to encouraging critical thinking, artistic expression, language, and communication.
The group hopes to include educators, performers, and researchers collaborating in an active forum to integrate practice, method, and literary research. We generate new research through dialogues over resources, experiences, challenges, using translations and adaptations, and teaching through performance in order to investigate ways of encouraging a wider use of Shakespeare at all education-, skill-, language-, and age-levels.

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival Education Department offers classes and workshops for kids, teens and adults year-round.
Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s touring Shakespeare and Violence Prevention program uses live performance and the latest bullying and school violence research – students improve their Shakespeare literacy AND learn intervention strategies they can use effectively when they see mistreatment happening around them. More info

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival provides theater arts programming integrated into the curricula of approximately 73% of the school districts in Idaho, as well as parts of Oregon, Wyoming and Nevada. Through its school tours, Shakespearience and Idaho Theater for Youth, the Festival annually reaches approximately 50,000 school-age children, including those in rural and under-served communities.
The School of Theater exemplifies the Festival’s attempts to foster lifelong learning and appreciation of theater arts, providing year-round classes for students in grades pre-kindergarten through high school. Camp Shakespeare offers school-aged children and young adults the opportunity to explore the excitement of Shakespeare’s words through imaginative play. The Festival’s Apprenticeships and school residency programs offer extended theatrical training.

Education and outreach is a critical component of our mission. We work hard to build the next generation of theatre artists and art lovers.
Nancy Melich leads a seminar discussion in the Seminar Grove.