Annual Reports and Financials

Annual Reports and Financials

As part of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory’s commitment to transparency and accountability, our annual reports and audited financial statements are available online.

Financial Reports

  • Financial Report 2012
  • Financial Report 2011
  • Financial Report 2010
  • Financial Report 2009
  • Financial Report 2008
  • Financial Report 2007
  • Financial Report 2006
  • Financial Report 2005
  • Financial Report 2004
  • Financial Report 2003
  • Financial Report 2002
  • Financial Report 2001

Annual Reports

  • Annual Report 2012 (6MB) – In line with the Foundation’s five year (2007-2012) strategic plan aimed at making the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory the core business of the organisation, the 2011/12 report period focussed primarily on consolidation.
  • Annual Report 2011 (4.7MB) – The year under review marks the organisation’s name change to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory. Alongside this comes our increased commitment to take up any challenges that lie ahead as we forge ahead to meet the call of our Founder to pursue “memory and dialogue for justice”.
  • Annual Report 2010 (4.1MB) – The year under review was the third of the five-year strategic realignment that the Nelson Mandela Foundation embarked on in 2007. It also marked 10 years since the Foundation was established in 1999.
  • Annual Report 2009 (3.47MB) – The year under review in this annual report saw the Nelson Mandela Foundation make significant progress towards establishing the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and Dialogue as a world class facility during the second year of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s five-year transitional plan.
  • Annual Report 2008 (4.4MB) – The year under review marks the first of a five-year transitional plan adopted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation in November 2006. The key objective is to establish a world-class Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and Dialogue as the Foundation’s core work. – Prof GJ Gerwel
  • Annual Report 2007 (2.8MB) – The year under review in this annual report saw the Nelson Mandela Foundation decisively making the transition to an organisation with a newly defined focus and governance structure.
  • Annual Report 2005 – “This Annual Report of the Nelson Mandela Foundation is eloquent testimony to my confidence that the principles and issues in which I believe, and have fought for throughout my life, will be continued and developed, both in South Africa and internationally. I am as committed as ever that people are not enslaved by poverty or oppression or bigotry, and that every person is valued for who they are, and is able to have the opportunity to grow and to have genuine choices.” – Nelson Mandela.