theatre in education companies

theatre in education companies

Offering impacting performances and workshops that focus on hard hitting issues that are influence young people in society today, such as; drugs, alcohol, law, crime, gangs, relationships and sexual exploitation, as a way to communicate, educate and re-educate the severity to schools across the UK.
Students get to see realistic issues played out in front of them in 1 hour productions. We also offer after performance workshops to give students clarity on the issues and subjects presented to them, so they can ask questions and to know where to go to get help.

Work with one of Australia’s largest and most respected school theatre companies. A unique opportunity to make a difference to the lives of students while being paid to do what you love!
We have over 35 years experience in the industry, performing live theatre to over 360,000 primary and high school students each year. Our shows help schools create safer and more positive environments for their students, addressing issues such as bullying, inclusion, cyber safety, resilience, mental health and relationships. Each show is developed by our passionate team of creatives, teachers and psychologists, and scripts are constantly updated to ensure content is relevant and challenging for our audiences.

Theatre in education companies
Our work helps young people feel more informed about the world in which they exist and prepares them for modern life.
Our approach is informed by our values, expertise and our beneficiaries. Let’s make a difference!

Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA
Black Swan creates theatre that promises to be adventurous, ambitious, and ridiculously entertaining, as well as asking some big questions. Through theatre we explore the nature of humanity and our role in society. We promote agency through art, building knowledge and empowering the imagination. Engaging in the classics, experiencing new stories, and encountering different voices. Let us help you spark a conversation with your students in your classroom and at the theatre.