educational theatre

educational theatre

A degree in educational theatre will enable you to introduce and enhance the use of theatre in schools, cultural institutions, theatre companies and nonprofit organizations. For students with a background in the performing arts, the world of theatre education will open opportunities to become a teaching artist, theatre educator, artistic director or arts education coordinator.
Prepare for a rewarding career in theatre arts education by choosing one of these unique performing arts programs.

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Audience participation of some kind has been at the heart of much theatre for young people, just as it has been for other theatrical forms that claim an educational or ‘interventionist’ role. Arguably, all theatre is participatory to a degree. Even the audience sitting in formal rows in a traditional auditorium are not passive: their engagement in the drama is an active process of de-coding, responding, and constructing meaning from the variety of stimuli presented. The focus here, however, is with theatrical activity that transgresses the traditional boundary-lines between stage and auditorium and aims to generate an engagement from the audience that is ‘overt and direct, and will often be physical, active and sometimes verbal in form’ (Jackson 2007, p. 136). While audience participation has a rich history throughout the twentieth century (from 1930s agit-prop to Brecht’s lehrstücke to children’s theatre), it is the search for theatrical ways of communicating information, and for generating active learning, that has produced some of the most innovative and challenging forms.
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Educational theatre
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Educational theatre
Metropolitan Educational Theatre Network (MET2) is a non-profit educational organization committed to providing young people with the unique opportunity to be active participants in the dramatic process as actors, singers, and dancers.
The program is distinct from adult theatre in motivation, presentation, and interpretation. It grows out of a desire to delight and instruct in beneficial ways which often enhance a child’s view of self and his or her ability to relate effectively to others. The instruction is based on a thorough understanding of the child’s mind, emotions, and the mastery of techniques which seek to give a student positive and unforgettable experiences.

METG Statement on Death of George Floyd & Resultant Uprising In times of darkness and despair, we turn to the arts. Maybe it’s a song that comfort.
Welcome to the first-ever METG Strong Virtual Festival. While we know that an online festival cannot replace the feeling of being together in a theat.