graduate school of education

graduate school of education

Prepares students to become skilled professional practitioners in an expansive range of counseling specialties, including school counseling, clinical mental health counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and career and workforce development.
Programs focus on the interrelationships among people, organizations, and learning, while utilizing systematic change processes, challenging assumptions through critical reflection, and fostering group and self-directed learning from a global perspective.

Graduate school of education
Education Graduate Program at UCLA
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Graduate school of education
In addition to our on-campus degree options, we also offer online and off-campus degrees.
Our highly ranked graduate programs at the College of Education prepare master’s and doctoral students to deal with the most challenging issues in education. Here you will be mentored by world-class faculty who themselves are leading researchers in their fields.

Be inspired to learn and inspire others to learn. Be part of the Graduate School of Education tradition. Be challenged by Australia’s highly rated researchers who are creating knowledge that informs education policy and practice.
Ignite your passion to educate and ignite the flame of learning in others.

Interested in exploring an area of study but not yet ready for a full degree program? Our certificate programs allow you to explore in-depth and current issues through a select group of courses. The College of Education and Human Development also offers programs with tracks that lead to state recognized certification. Learn more about our certificate and certification programs.
Our master’s degree programs are driven by the most current research and groundbreaking models of teaching, learning, and practice.

Are you an agent of change, committed to serving others?
Our dedicated faculty and mission-driven programs will prepare you for a career that can transform lives, sustain communities, and help lead to a more just society.

Our model creates success
for each part of the school communities we serve:
children, families, teachers, and school leaders.
How would our world be different
if every student had an excellent one?

Degree: Master of Science
Program Description: The programme designed as an interdisciplinary program considering educational matters in a multidimensional way within the frame of sociological, anthropological and historical backgrounds. Within this context, the program designates the points of educational sciences intersecting sociology, anthropology, history and philosophy as its field of study. The program also enables foreign students to have postgraduate education. The main purpose of the program is to consider the interactions of education, society and culture as the research agenda and to teach students the theoretical and practical approaches related to these interactions. Within this context, some questions regarding sociological, anthropological and historical dimensions of education as “How are learning and school organized socially and culturally?”, “What are there in the background of learning outside the school?” and “What are the social, cultural and historical premises of learning practices?” are at the core of program’s approach. Education, society and culture can be studied multidimensionally in this program by gathering different disciplines as education, language, law, politics, philosophy, history, anthropology.

Welcome! To apply for graduate admissions in the School of Education interested applicants must first complete the University of Mississippi online application. You can track your application online. Supporting documentation must also be submitted to the Graduate School including GRE test scores, official college transcripts, and the application fee. Have a question? Contact the Graduate Studies Office.
Additional requirements and application deadlines vary by program of study including undergraduate grade point average, writing sample/essay, and professional work experience. A copy of applicable teaching licenses may so be required (M.Ed. in Elementary/Secondary/Special Education only).

Degree: Master of Education
English-based Degree Program: N/A
Location: Suzaku Campus
Graduate School of Professional Teacher Education nurtures highly skilled teachers who have the ability to tackle issues that are getting more and more complicated at schools.