Doctors keep Madiba in hospital for extra care: issued by the Presidency

Today is Day 11 of former President Nelson Mandela’s hospitalisation.

Doctors are still attending to him following an operation to remove gallstones.

“Doctors are satisfied that the progress he is making is consistent with his age. They say there is no crisis, but add that they are in no hurry to send him home just yet until they are satisfied that he has made sufficient progress. We urge the public to continue supporting Madiba, but at the same time to understand that he is 94 years old and needs extra-ordinary care. If he spends more days in hospital, it is because that necessary care is being provided. We wish the family strength during this period. They have the love and support of the whole nation,” said President Zuma.

Presidential Spokesperson Mr Mac Maharaj went to see former President Mandela today. “He is looking much better,” said Mr Maharaj, adding that Madiba immediately asked: “Mac what are you doing here”?

“I asked him not give doctors any trouble,” said Mr Maharaj.

Enquiries: Mac Maharaj on 079 879 3203.

Issued by: The Presidency